Friday, September 3, 2010

2nd Video Blog showing New Fall Arrivals at SWANK!!!

Call Swank Atlanta 404.231.4114 
or Swank Birmingham 205.871.2324 
to place your order now!! 
You all know these items won't be in store long!
ALSO.... GOOD NEWS.... Our Online Swank Store will be up by the end of next week hopefully!!! We are so close to having it finished!!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

1st Video Blog showing Fall items trickling in to Swank daily!!!!

Call Swank Atlanta 404.231.4114 
or Swank Birmingham 205.871.2324 
to place your order now!! 
You all know these items won't be in store long!!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

New FALL ARRIVALS are making their way into SWANK!!!

My favorite fashion season of all is just around the corner...THANK GOODNESS!!!!  Making its way into the store, our Fall Merchandise is going to be the BEST we have EVER had!! We are gonna be locked and loaded with Novelty, One of a Kind pieces, that even a recession won't let you resist!!!!  Ohhhh and not to mention the Fall Boots from our EXCLUSIVE line Barbara Bui!!!!!
Just in at SWANK this week is Mara Hoffman, Alexis, Jay Godfrey, Ted Rossi, Black Halo and more.... We get new shipments EVERY WEEK from now until Christmas, so be prepared!!!! 
Here are a few pics of some New Arrivals!!!!

404.231.4114 atlanta store 
205.871.2324 bham store

Strip Back Dress
also available in Grey Tie Dye Print

Open Back Column Dress

One Shoulder Party Dress
Available as pictured in RED

Combo Blouse 
Spaghetti Strapless Dress

Flat Poncho Top
Available in both prints below

One shoulder ZOE Dress
Available as pictured here

Denim Zipper GRANT leggings


Banyan One Shoulder Dress

Assymetrical Sequin Tank w/ grey jersey back

Baltimore One Sleeve Drape

404.231.4114 atlanta store 
205.871.2324 bham store
More pics to follow in next post!!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

New Mara Hoffman......JUST IN!!!!!

I MEAN WHAT????????????? 
The New Mara Hoffman has arrived at SWANK in both stores, so you better get by one of the two soon, bc this merchandise will NOT be here long!!!!  
Check out the new styles we have in!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Net Back Dress
Available in Purple print and White print

Net Back Jumper
Available in White print and Purple Print

Rio Print Mini-Dress
Available in Black print and White Print

Rio Print Poncho Dress
Available in White Print and Black Print

Sweetheart Mini-Dress
Available (as shown) in Multi 

Button-Down Top 
Available (as shown) in Multi

Embellished Jumper
Available in Black (as shown)

Embellished Mini Dress
Available in Pink and Blue

Embellished Tank
Available in Blue, Pink and Black

Available in Black

Available in Black w/ embellishment

We also have a long gown in, with the Black/white embellishment in Pink, Blue, and Black!!!!
 I will post an actual pic of it when I get a chance!!!


Check out the write up by the FABULOUS Vincent Martinez on his site FASHIONADO.  
 It was truly a pleasure meeting Vincent and I felt honored to be interviewed by him!!!!! 
Check out his Super Fashionable blog:


March 4th, 2010
100_0019The Shops Around Lenox just got a style upgrade thanks to the beautiful and very hip Emily Dees Boulden who has brought her chic over to Atlanta in what has to be one of the edgiest  boutiques in the city. As I stepped intoSwank, my eyes where captured by the glistening crystals dangling from the modern chandeliers that welcome the clientele with their sparkle. The look and feel of Swank is clean, modern and edgy but comfortable and welcoming at the same time. I sat with Emily on the first day of business, next to a stunning and fragrant bouquet of white flowers, to chat about Swank.
fashionado: Welcome to Atlanta! How does this Swank differ from the other location?
Swank: Well thank you, so thrilled to be in Atlanta!
The interior of the Birmingham location is a little bit more modern in design but the clothing lines are about the same. I’m going to keep some lines different however, because my Birmingham girls like coming to Atlanta to shop so I’d like to offer some variety.
fashionado: How did you come up with the name Swank?
Swank: Honestly, I’ve always just wanted to open a boutique and had an idea of how I wanted it to be, feel and look.  I started writing down ideas (for names) and kept coming back to “swank”. It’s the one word that also describes my customer.
fashionado: What are some of your favorite lines! Why do you carry them?
Swank: Of course I love the edge of Vivienne Westwood and Barbara Bui. They are super high end and worth every penny! I also love up and coming designers. Today, for example, I am wearing Mara Hoffman. In addition, I carry RaMona LaRue and Sally Tseng. I like fresh and new design, there is so much talent out there.
fashionado: It feels so comfortable in here and as chic as Swank is, its not intimidating or stuffy feeling.
Swank: I wanted to mix super modern with girly. It is important my customers feel welcome and enjoy their Swank experience.
fashionado: What inspires your “buying style” for Swank?
Swank: People watching! I love to travel and sit at cafes or even airports. I notice everything. It helps me shop for my customers’ likes and keeps me in touch with real people’s taste.
Emily Dees Boulden
Celebrate with Emily, on the evening of March 25th, the opening of Swank with a swanky soiree! So all you fashionistas, slap on some gloss and slip into your stilettos for a night of fashion and Swank!
3400 Around Lenox Rd NE. ste 215. Atlanta, GA 30326. 404-231-4114
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Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Check it out!!! 
Her Link is below to the write up!!!

Swank Boutique is now open in Atlanta!  I haven’t been yet, but it looks fabulous!!
Can’t wait to check out the goods.
                                        High-end Boutique in Atlanta
Store Hours:
Monday – Saturday
10am – 6pm or by appointment

Swank is located at The Shops Around Lenox
 3400 Around Lenox Dr. NE, Suite 215, Atlanta, GA, 30326

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Check out SWANK in another HOT PRESS RELEASE!!!! 

Modern Luxury Media

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february 23, 2010

atlanta | swanky panky.

with a cult following in birmingham, swank boutique has expanded its horizons and opened up in the shops around lenox.

über-hip shop proprietress (and former saks buyer) emily dees boulden has gained a fashion forward-seeking set of fans for bringing hard-to-find-when-you're-not-in-L.A.-or-NYC-designer fashions to the south, and we're thrilled she chose ATL for her second shop. the shop's sleek white interior is accented with artistic bursts of green, modern crystal chandeliers and mirrors, mirrors, mirrors. the reflective touches set the tone for the racks and racks of hot fashion labels, many of which cannot be found elsewhere in the city. want a peek? expect the latest from celeb-designed brands such as elizabeth and james (the olsen twins), wiliam rast (justin timberlake) and house of harlow (nicole richie), along with a selection of pieces from vivienne westwood, vivienne tam, barbara bui, mara hoffman and black halo.

give your closet the swank treatment it deserves. swank boutique. 3400 around lenox drive. at peachtree.

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