Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Totally Tribal!

Tribal prints are the new "florals" for fall! These strong, graphic prints are popping up everywhere this fall.

From accessories, to shoes, to cute tops, pants, and dresses, there are so many different ways to incorporate tribal-inspired designs into your wardrobe!

If you are head-over-heels for the tribal trend, be bold and wear an entire outfit in tribal prints (like the ones shown below).

If you just want to test the waters of the tribal print trend, try incorporating tribal prints into your outfit through shoes or an accessory! Wearing wedges in a tribal print, like the 80%20 Paz Wedge (shown below) is a great way to add tribal prints to your outfit in a more subtle way.

Also, try adding a tribal-inspired necklace (like the Carol Marie Double Ethiopian Pendant Necklaces shown below). These necklaces are a great accent to any outfit and they will always be in style!

Complement tribal prints by selecting other pieces of your outfit in earth-tones and stick to accessories made out of natural elements, like wooden bangles!

**All items featured in this blog are available online at and at Swank, located at 3400 Around Lenox Dr. Suite 215, Atlanta, GA 30326**

From left to right: Ramona LaRue Mandy Pants in Jade Tribal ($187.00); Carol Marie Double Ethiopian Pendant Necklaces in OxBrass and OxSilver ($245.00); Alexis Adair Top in Brown Aztec ($306) and Alexis Sanja Pants in Brown Aztec ($253); 80%20 Paz Wedges in Sky Diamond ($176.00); Tara Dress in Jade Tribal ($264.00)