Monday, July 23, 2012

Coming Soon!!!!! A Segment with Emily Dees-Boulden and Vincent Martinez at SWANK.

SWANK  and Emily Dees-Boulden were sooo honored to be chosen for the first segment of the new STYLE MAG VM with the Oh-Sooo-Stylish E. Vincent Martinez.   This Virtual Magazine is launching soon and is gonna be a super success!!! 
You know anything with  E. Vincent Martinez of Fashionado (his super popular fashion blog) is always FABULOUS!! We can't get enough of him here at SWANK!!! We have loved him since we first landed our SWANK location in Atlanta!
Stay tuned for the segment coming at the end of the month when this fabulous new Video Magazine Launches!!!!!
Check out the promo!!!!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Take a Walk on the WILD Side!!

Leopard print is back and is better and brighter than ever!!!! 
To put a fresh, new twist on wearing this fun pattern, try adding COLORED leopard prints to your summer style! 
Colored prints like the red or cobalt blue leopard prints shown below are right on trend for this summer and fall! 
When wearing bright prints, let that piece be the statement piece of your look. The rest of your outfit and any accessories should be in neutral colors. 

***All items featured in this blog are available online at and at Swank, located at 3400 Around Lenox Dr. Suite 215  Atlanta, GA 30326***

From Left to Right: Monica Pants in Red Leopard ($196.00); Paisley Romper in Red Leopard ($218.00); Karmen Dress in Cobalt Leopard ($218.00); Sahara Skirt in Cobalt Leopard ($196.00)