Thursday, September 24, 2009

TED ROSSI...New Arrivals!!!

Ted Rossi is seen in just about every magazine you pick up!!! I am SERIOUS!! If you don't believe me, click on his name and check out his website!! He is AMAZING!!!
We can not keep his pieces in the store, because they blow out!!!
His work is only found in high-end Department stores, REPUTABLE boutiques, and specialty stores!!
We just got another delivery, so get it while you can!!
Call us at SWANK to order:

Prices are as follows: 
Necklace: $525
Pearl/chain bracelet: $330
Snowflake Cuff in Rose Gold: $240
Rose-Gold/ Swarovski Double wrap: $135
Python Double Wrap bracelets: $135
Python Chunky Cuff w/ stones: $210

You can see better pics on his website, but all of these pieces are so new that they most likely won't be up yet!!! Check him out!!
Don't be caught without owning a TED ROSSI piece!!!!!


This is a great new line we are carrying at SWANK.  These two pieces are our first delivery so far from them!  The price points are great for the recession :)!!!

Symphony Vest
I love a Vest and they are soooo Fashion-Forward, because they make a Casual Day a Stylish Day without looking like you are trying to hard.

Triangle Back Tank
Pic is not so good, it is a really pretty blue and black!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


{Our Stylish Nuptials}


This story coming soon.....
Soooo..... I have been asked a million times to see pictures from my recent wedding, so I decided to post it on my blog for all of you!!.  As many brides know, it takes a while to get your wedding pictures back from your photographer bc there are like thousands, sooo in the meantime, my ever-so-fabulous photographer posted a few pics on his blog until I get all of my pictures back this week. (WOW...big run-on sentence there)
Before I give you the link, I want to tell all of you about TEC PETAJA.  I remember when I was "photog shopping", and someone told me to check him out!!! I had chills all over when I saw his work!!! His work is just UNBELIEVABLE.  Words that describe TEC to me are: Modern, chic, sleek, edgy, beyond creative, soooo artisitic, down right Amazing!!!  Being in the Fashion industry I appreciate artsy, creative, sophisticated yet edgy work. So that is when I knew TEC was going to be the photographer of my wedding. Mark my word.... "TEC PETAJA will be a FAMOUS photographer, more than he already is- TRUST ME."
I CAN NOT WAIT to see all of the pics, and I know a lot of you have been wanting to see some too.  Here is all I have been given..... So as soon as I get them... there will be more to come!!!!
  Check out his blog to see a sneak peak at our pics:
also a slideshow at: 


 I MEAN... WHAT???????? 
These Dresses are sure to take the spotlight wherever you are!!!! 
Iodice Dresses fit any body type, so don't think you have to be pencil thin, flat chested or look like a model to pull these off!! 
 Trust Me.... These are KILLER!!!
Protea Dress
Available in SPICY
(I have double checked this price 1000 times, to see if we have made a mistake.. it is correct!! This is an unbelievable price for this Dress)
Gerbera Dress
Navy Dress w/ Black Piping Trim
The detail on this dress is amazing!!


Just In from Black Halo are some Fabulous pieces in Amazing color combos!!!  
The colors of this collection are Red and Black. 

Abigail Sheath Dress
Available at SWANK in RED
This creatively designed dress has shoulder straps w/ beads and it is woven through the fold over neckline onto the front.
It has an AMAZING fit and it very slenderizing!!

Ally Tunic
Available at SWANK in RED/BLK
Striped Jersey V-neck tunic with ruching on the side
Looks Great on!!

Call us at the store to order and we will ship to you immediately! 
As most of you know, Black Halo never stays on the racks long, so call us at the store.
**The shirt on the top rack, far left, is black halo also. We have sold out now, bc it blew out. It's sooo cute on!!
 If you want to order, please call!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


For those of you who don't know, my sister-n-law is Jen Boulden. She is the co-founder of Ideal Bite, which is a wildly successful daily email on "light green living". Her company already has over a half million subscribers!! Jen has been a SWANK customer for a while now, and has recently asked me to become her stylist!!! Obviously, I honorably accepted and she was seen on Good Morning America in a Black Halo dress from SWANK. Jen brought the house down in this white and brown Jackie-O dress, as I knew she would!!!
Check her out by clicking her name above or
Also sign up for your free daily email on "light green living" at Ideal Bite.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


I am off to NYC early in the morning, so I will not blog while I am gone! I am going to give you a quick peek at some of the New Stuff that came in just in time for the party!!
Please forgive me, if you call to order it and it is gone, bc these were taken before it started!!! GOOD NEWS is-We can always try to order it for you!!
Call the store to order, I promise our website will be up and ready for online ordering soon!!!!
Sorry I don't have time to give you prices, but I have to go pack!! It takes me forever to try to zip my suitcases!! It could end in DIVORCE when my husband sees my bag!! oops!! :)
Have a great weekend!!!

I mean WHAT?????
Such a cute top and super stylish Motorcycle Jeans
(all available at Swank)


Two-toned Dress

Forgot to take a Close-up of all this Black Halo, before I left... but if you can see it a little, you see how AMAZING it is!! The colors are awesome!!!

I could never leave you without giving you one last look at these Barbara Bui boots. We only have 2 pair left, it might be 1 pair!!
AHHHH... almost sold out on first day!!! They are that FABULOUS!!!

Barbara Bui Studded Cuffs are a MUST-HAVE along with Ted Rossi Python bangles!!!

These Studded Silk Cardi's are Fabulous!!
black and purple

This William Rast Fringe Jacket is BAAAAnanas!!!

All New Salvage.. I skipped a few pieces.. short on time!!

A BIG "THANKS" to all of you who showed up for the Party!!

Here are some pics of the store from our FALL, FASHION and FOOTBALL PARTY before it started!!!
It was sooo cute!!!
Thanks to the wonderful Swank girls:
Nicole Clemons and Caitlin Perrone
for all of their hard work!!
*Notice there are some new arrivals in the pic that I have not put up yet! I will do it soon!!